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Policy Released for Candidates Using Tribal Media Outlets

By Joe Morey News Editor

All candidates will have an opportunity to place a 500 word statement in the April 30 issue of the printed LCO Newspaper - The deadline for this issue is Monday, 5 pm, April 26. Any candidate may also place advertisements in the Print issue or the Online newsletter at the standard rate listed on this page on the Tribal Website -

Any advertisers will also get one Facebook blast per advertisement on the Tribe's Official FB page.


This is the policy I have used in the previous two elections. There's 18 candidates for council. To not clutter the group feed, because I also try to get news stories published on the page and they'll just got lost in the shuffle, each candidate will be allowed to post election stuff once per week till Primary, and one Campaign Picture, such as your pics of your signs. So that equals to 3 campaign posts and one picture before Primary on May 8.

In addition to the posts listed above, I will also repost each candidate's printed newspaper Candidate Statement at no charge on the page in the week leading up to the Primary. So, this will be in addition to the 3 candidate posts they can do leading up to Primary, so candidates, you won't need to post that statement as one of your posts unless you choose to do so.


As I have in the previous two elections, a Candidate's Forum will be held live on the FB page for the 6 candidates who make it past the Primary and the date will be announced, but most likely the week before the General Election.

Good luck Candidates!

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