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Pardon and Forgiveness Committee Filled and Near Ready to Review Pardon Requests

Submitted by TGB Member Glenda Barber

The LCO Pardon & Forgiveness Screening Committee applicants have been screened and are now appointed. Members of the Committee will soon be meeting with our Legal Department to review the Pardon and Forgiveness Code and be instructed in the procedures and responsibilities of their role as committee members. The next step will be to elect officers and create Policies and Procedures. Once those steps are complete, the Committee, along with assistance from Human Resources, will begin contacting the LCO Tribal Members who have already submitted their letters/documents requesting pardon and/or forgiveness.

There may be additional forms to be submitted to the Committee and there will be a required Authorization for Release of Information to be signed by the applicants in order to perform background checks.

We thank you for your patience and wish you the best! Please watch for additional updates from the Committee.


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