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Oakwood Haven Thanks TGB for New Program Truck Through CARES Act Funds

As part of the CARES Act Covid Relief Funds received by the LCO Tribe, the Tribal Governing Board (TGB) allocated funds towards the Oakwood Haven Domestic Abuse Shelter for a brand new truck. The shelter's director, Sherrie Paulson-Tainter, thanked the TGB.

''Dear Tribal Governing Board Members: Oakwood Haven Director, Assistant Director and all our Staff would like to say Thank you so very much for our program vehicle. We appreciate your continued support and thoughtfulness in ensuring that we have our programmatic needs met," Paulson-Tainter said to the TGB. "The vehicle will be put to good use by the domestic abuse/sexual assault program and will be a valuable resource for us and our clients."

Pictured below are Paulson-Tainter on the left with Mindy Taylor, assistant director at the shelter.


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