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NorthLakes Clinic Awards Scholarship; Associated Bank Adds $5,000

From LCO Ojibwe College Facebook Page

Tuesday, Nov. 16, at the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College, one of the two tribal colleges in Wisconsin, NorthLakes Community Clinic awarded its first Indigenous Health Care Scholarship to Lacey Martin. Lacey is a nursing student at the College. She is the model of the foundation to build stronger, healthier Native communities. It was an honor for all who attended to present the scholarship to her with her family by her side.

Since NorthLakes endowed scholarship begins in the 2022-2023 academic year, Associated Bank helped support the momentum by donating $5000 in a scholarship for Lacey. In addition, they also donated to NorthLakes’ endowed scholarship as well.

November happens to be Native American Heritage Month- an opportunity to honor our tribal neighbors by acknowledging their rich history and working to ensure a future of greater equity for Native people. One of the ways to ensure a just future is to be aware of the historic injustices and present injustices. This truth will result in healthier, safer, and stronger Native Communities.

We share the American Indian College Funds’ belief in education being the answer to creating a better future. It broadens opportunities, unlocks doors, and inspires new thinking. Education is what helps people grow and communities thrive. When you support a student, you create an opportunity for more Native Americans to earn their degrees, which is paramount in helping each of them strengthen their tribe for generations to come. We thank Lacey for her work now which will help so many in the future.

Thank you to all of the donors, businesses, and philanthropic organizations who helped make this happen.


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