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NATIVE NEWS: Mole Lake Donates $99,365.63 to Organizations and Local Townships

Sakaogon Chippewa Community News Release

Sakaogon Chairman Robert Van Zile Jr.

On Monday, the Sakaogon Tribal Council presented donations totaling $99,365.63 to 20 organizations and local townships.

Chairman Robert VanZile, Jr., welcomed everyone and talked about the importance of partnerships and working together for the benefit of our natural resources and regional economic development.

"We are focused on the health, welfare and safety of our communities, and we are focused on cooperating and working together. We are not looking at race or the color of skin - that is not in anyone's best interest," Chairman VanZile said.

"We can accomplish good things together. One example is our fish hatchery, which repopulates area lakes with an almost 90% survival rate. We want to continue building good working relationships with area organizations, and we are especially focused on economic development," he continued.

As part of the Sokaogon Chippewa Community's Gaming Compact Fees agreement for 2023, these organizations and local governments received:

Town of Ainsworth - $3,000.00

Town of Enterprise - Pelican Lake Fire District - $3,000.00

Forest County - $58,000.00

  * Forest County ATV Association - $2,000.00

  * Forest County Humane Society - $10,000.00

  * Forest County Association of Lakes - $1,000.00

  * Crandon Library - $2,000.00

  * Newcap Community Action - $5,000.00

  * New Hope Shelter Midwest Indian Mission - $5,000.00

  * Crandon Fire Department - $13,000.00

  * Crandon Area Rescue Squad - $10,000.00

  * Trump Lake Association - $2,000.00

  * Roberts Lake Association - $5,000.00

  * Pickerel/Crane Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District - $3,000.00

Oneida County - $11,500.00

  * Three Lakes Fish & Wildlife Improvement Association - $4,000.00

  * Pelican Lake Property Owners Lake Association - $5,000.00

  * Three Lakes Trails, Inc. - $2,500.00

Town of Nashville - $16,365.63

  * Town of Nashville - $6,365.63

  * River Alliance of Wisconsin - $5,000.00

  * Sierra Club Wisconsin Chapter - $5,000.00

Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Immersion - Language Symposium - $7,500.00

"Our contribution to Waadookodaading reflects our looking and moving forward. Our children's education, our language and our sovereignty are very important."

As the Tribal Council presented checks to each organization in attendance, thanks were given by the recipients to Council Members and to the Sokaogon Chippewa Community. Pam Schroeder with the Forest County Association of Lakes, noted that it was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday and a day for service. She thanked the Tribal Council and the Community for their service.

Photos from the event may be viewed on the Tribe's Facebook page.


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