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NANDA GIKENDAN (seek to learn it) Summer School Enrichment Program Held

Submitted by Monica White FACE Coordinator

The Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe School’s Family and Child Education (FACE) and grades K-3 completed a two-week Summer Enrichment Program from June 10-20, 2019. This was sponsored by the BIE Striving Reader’s Grant as well as the BIE FACE grant. This involved team teaching transition experiences as well as incorporating classroom concepts with Ojibwemowin. At the start and end of the program students were administered pre and post-tests which measured successful learning achievement.

FACE to Kindergarten students worked on enhancing knowledge of animals and their offspring including habitat and animal characteristic words. They read several books as well as participated in games, puzzles and other fun activities. They also used technology such as Ipads and the smartboard. Several parents came in to participate as well as enjoy the experience. Ojibwe language was incorporated to teach the animals as well as the diminutives for the baby animals.

Grades 1-2 provided opportunities for a literacy rich learning environment that included research skills, summarizing, antonyms/synonyms and decoding phonics. This small/whole group instruction incorporated hands on activities with a focus on ocean life.

Grades 3-4 added nutrition and food groups as well as units about the planets and moon phases.

Ojibwemowin was incorporated into each class session at teacher request. For example, the Ojibwe terms for different moon phases. Other teachers requested commands in which both students and teachers were taught to use in the classroom. The last week of school the teachers’ were asked to relay their own command usage/or vocabulary in the classroom. This worked out really well for both students and teachers.

At the end of week one student’s traveled to the Duluth Children’s Museum to participate in a bubble program, a children’s theater and ore boat display. Some students were completely amazed at the Ore boats as they were slowly moving into the harbor or stationed nearby.

The second field trip included a trip to the zoo in Minoqua, WI. It was a wonderful experience for all and it went by too fast.

Miigwech to the following LCO staff members - FACE Early Childhood teacher Liz Bergum, K-Tonia Cody, grade 1- Alicia Soto, grade 2-Lori St. Germaine, 3 &5th grade teachers Brianna Cody and Toni Lamphear, and of course Jim Kingfisher and Lora Edley.

A special Miigwech (thank you) to the LCO Boys and Girls Club for providing an excellent lunch!


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