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Monthly Report from LCO Elder Center for July

Submitted by Terrance Manuelito LCO Tribal Aging and Veteran Services Director

Good Afternoon, I hope all of you are enjoying your summer, I don’t want to take up too much of your time but would like to announce that we will be reopening our center for congregate meals for the beginning of the month. We cannot require clients and/or guests to be vaccinated but would like to ensure the safety and protection of staff and the community. Please see the flyer below regarding coming to the facility to have lunch or receive services. I look forward to seeing everyone again and we have some upcoming events planned.

Great Lakes Native American Elders Association – GLNAEA will be hosting their event in Carter, WI and I believe we have 8 people signed up, if you are interested in attending please reach out to me and I will add your name to the list, we will be taking the Elder Bus that morning as there is an afternoon session as well as the morning session the day after. Greater Wisconsin on Agency on Aging Resources – GWAAR is requesting a 3 year aging plan for 2022-2024, and I am coordinating a survey based on client needs and services, I will be presenting this at our LCO Elder Advisory Council next Saturday, August 8th as well as at the LCO Elders Association, which I believe will be Thursday, August 5th, please see the survey below.

Tribal Dementia Care Specialist Report I want to share a couple success stories for the month. The first success story is about a tribal member whose wife is a caregiver for her mother. I provided information about my position as Tribal Dementia Care Specialist and the resources that are available. I asked if there was anything they needed help with. He mentioned that his mother-in-law has a large oxygen tank that makes it challenging for her to leave the home and he asked about a portable oxygen tank. The Aging & Disability Resource Specialist contacted the LCO Health Care Center who in turn could write a prescription. The portable oxygen tank will make it easier for the elder to leave home when needed and will prevent isolation. The next success story involves a tribal member who indicated that her mother may have some memory loss. I spoke to her about my role as the Tribal Dementia Care Specialist and services available. She mentioned that her mother isn’t as active as she used to be and that she rides along for shopping but remains in the car. A wheelchair was provided and now her mother can go into the store. This will promote socialization which is good for brain health and prevent isolation. Just a friendly reminder that the Elder Center has items to loan out such as wheelchairs, portable ramps, walkers, etc. There are also incontinence supplies available. Contact the Elder Center and speak with DiZ or myself. I have partnered with UW Extension to provide a Strong Bodies Strength Training class here at the Elder Center. This free eight-week class is scheduled to start on August 9th and will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00 – 2:15 p.m. right here at the Elder Center. The strength training will consist mainly of chair exercises followed by nutritional education. A drawing for a door prize will be held at each session with a grand prize drawing of an iPad Mini at the conclusion of the eight week class. I currently have 18 individuals signed up and have room for two more. Feel free to join us for socialization and physical activity that supports brain health! I was invited to speak to a youth group at the College on July 20, 2021. I spoke about the Seven Grandfather Teachings and what I found helpful in guiding me in my life. I shared some personal life experiences that were difficult to talk about, but I wanted them to know that they have a choice, they can break the cycle, that they can become resilient and overcome future challenges. I spoke about my education and job experiences including my current position of Tribal Dementia Care Specialist. I explained that they can reduce risk factors for Dementia by caring for their health, that brain health is important, to learn to watch for signs of dementia in their parents or grandparents. It was an honor to present to this group of youth. Check out the Lac Courte Oreilles Elder Center Facebook page where there is a lot of information posted that may be of interest to you. Respectfully submitted, Rosalie Gokee-Tribal Dementia Care Specialist (715) 558-7944 Office or (715) 699-0800 Cell We welcome you back for Congregate Dining for Lunch at the Lac Courte Oreilles Elder Nutrition Center August 2nd, 2021 - 11:00AM We have been working with the Indian Health Service, LCO Health Director and the Tribal Governing Board to determine our decision to re-open our doors on August 2nd, 2021. Lunch will be served 11:00am – 12:00pm. We ask that individuals fill out an updated Congregate Meal Assessment Form, which will discontinue your current Home Delivered Meal service. *Individuals will use hand sanitizer upon entering the facility. *Individuals are expected to wear a mask at all times, unless you are eating. *Individuals will be temperature screened prior to entry. *Please follow social distancing and adhere to any sign postings. We look forward to seeing you once again and appreciate you wanting to join us for lunch. Any questions or concerns contact (715) 865-3379 THANK YOU & WELCOME BACK 😊 2022-2024 AGING PLAN SURVEY 1. What do you need to successfully age in your community? 2. What is the greatest challenge facing you and/or your family in the next five to ten years? 3. What is the LCO Aging & Disability Services/Nutrition Program doing well and should continue to do? Please check all that apply à Transportation services à Nutrition program à Lending closet à Information and assistance on available programs à Elder Health & Wellness education à Medicare/Medicaid assistance à Social Security Benefits assistance à Veteran Benefits & Resource assistance à Dementia Care – Alzheimer support and services à Caregiver Support Home Care à Other ________________________________ 4. What kind of activities would you like to see the Elder Program provide? à Chore services: yard work, sidewalk clean up… à Homemaker services: light cleaning, laundry, shopping, … à In home cooking services: preparing meals à Grocery services (offering one meal by groceries/ unprepared) à Social events: Movie or dances à Group Trips à Learning experiences: crafts, stories, … à Cultural events à Traditional cooking recipes and demonstrations à Elder Rummage sales à Other ______________________________________ 5. Additional comments: Demographic information: I am: à Under 49 years of age à 50 years – 54 years of age à 55 years – 59 years of age à Over 60 years of age I live in:

à Round Lake à New Post à Boulevard à Signor à Stone Lake à Schoolhouse à Skunawong/Gurno Lake à Other: ______________________________

I have used the aging/disabled services before:

à Yes

à No

à If No, why?

o Too far away

o Lack of knowledge on what is offered

o Did not meet requirements

o Other ___________________________

Please return surveys within 2 weeks and complete the following if you would like to be entered into a drawing for prizes.

Name: ___________________________________ Date: ____________________

Phone: _____________________________


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