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Monthly Elders Report for November

Submitted by Terrance Manuelito

Tribal Aging Director

Tribal Veteran Service Officer

Boozhoo and Miigwech for taking the time in reading updates to our LCO Elder & Disabled Services program, as I write this, our weather forecast calls for up to 12” of snow, we have met with our Snowplow Contractors and they are aware of the forecast and will commence plowing once all other Tribal Roads Maintenance department, Townships, County, and Highway Snowplowing is started or completed.

I was asked if I could provide an overview of how we typically begin the Snowplowing Services for the LCO Community, and it is a group effort from meeting with the LCO Elder Advisory Council and addressing issues, concerns, policy revisions, reviewing the Snowplow list each year, people move, move-in, we attempt to coordinate these changes with our department, program assistant, Snow Plow contractors, and clients, in hopes of providing as much prompt delivery of services we can. Currently we contract with 5 Tribal Snow-plowers who cover over 13 communities of Lac Courte Oreilles reservation, and provide Driveway plowing to over 250 Elders and Persons with Disabilities. The current Policy will be attached to this article and does emphasize how we approach and handle inclement weather conditions, unfortunately we are only able to gain access to your driveway once other outside factors have completed which the duties and responsibilities depend on the availability of the LCO Tribal Roads Department, which I was informed are not able to start plowing until sunrise, and are not able to drive after sunset, which is mandated by the State of WI DOT, this does affect majority of main roads within Lac Courte Oreilles, and their priority is providing accessibility for tribal fire departments, law enforcement, and ambulance/first responders. Townships, County, and Highway Departments also have their own program policies and procedures.

One issue we have been dealing with is priority status, which means there are clients who have needs relating to medical and personal issues that we attempt to accommodate, we do understand the need and importance, but as stated above some things are out of our control, but we will do our best to provide prompt and adequate services. Please feel free to reach out to me or our staff here at the LCO Elder Services Center. One last thing regarding LCO Community Snowplowing services, there are days where the LCO Tribal Government will close due to inclement weather, we encourage you to call and leave a Voicemail if you have questions or concerns, we will eventually be able to track your call and give you a call back, 715 957-0077, 715 957-0076, 715 957-0027. Thank you for taking the time for reading these important updates.


Terrance Manuelito

Tribal Aging Director

Tribal Veteran Service Officer

715 957-0077


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