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Monthly Elders News Report for July and August

Submitted by Terrance Manuelito

Tribal Aging Director

Tribal Veteran Service Officer

Boozhoo and Good Morning,

I appreciate you taking the time to review these updates regarding our services and staff here at the LCO Elder & Disabled Services, we continue to adhere to our Tribe’s safer at home policy’s and work environment requirements, we want to ensure you continue to be safe during this ordeal, we encourage you to continue utilizing our phone numbers and emails for communication purposes, we still continue to keep our doors locked for your safety and ours, if you do need to see someone please knock and someone will be with you momentarily, we appreciate your patience and understanding during these stressful times, Miigwech!

1. LCO Elder & Disabled Benefits Policy – Revision changes

Recently, the LCO Tribal Governing Board voted to make changes to the LCO Elder & Disabled Benefits to allow for signed letters of Affidavits for eligible LCO clients regarding providing Home and Auto repairs. Also, beginning in Fiscal Year 2021 (October 1st), the combined total of $1,350 (Home & Auto) will be able to use for both benefits.

2. Lawn Care Service – services have been authorized to continue until Labor Day Weekend, the contractor will be out at least 3 more times before the fall season

3. LCO Veterans Blankets – I was recently notified by Bonnie Corbine, that the LCO Honor the Earth Powwow committee has purchased blankets as gifts for LCO Veterans, if you are interested please contact Bonnie Corbine at the LCO Tribal Office 715 634-8934 ext. 7413

4. Transportation Driver hired – we recently conducted interviews and are tentatively scheduled to hire our new Transportation driver later this week, this has been a long time coming since Bryan Sullivan resigned in March of 2020, this has not been an easy process considering what we have all had to endure during this time but hopefully we will have a consistent staff of meeting the needs of our community.

5. Kay Searfoss retiring this week – for those of you not aware, Kay Searfoss, LCO Health Center Dietician, is retiring as of this week, I would like to thank her for her tireless work efforts and being a part of our Nutrition advisory committee, along with her help in providing essential oversight to our monthly lunch menus. Chi-Miigwech Kay, we very much appreciate all your years of hard work and dedication!

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

Terrance Manuelito

Tribal Aging Director

Tribal Veteran Service Officer

715 957-0077

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