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Mino Maajisewin Program: Meet Our New Family Resource Specialist

Raising a baby is hard work! Many new parents can use extra support!

Our Family Resource Specialist is here to help.

Mino Maajisewin Home Visitation Program – What does our Family Resource Specialist do?

Before a family begins weekly visits with a home visitor, the Family Resource Specialist (FRS) meets with families to begin the enrollment process. The FRS will explain the program more in detail, answer any questions about home visitation services and share what to expect if a family decides to participate in the program.

The FRS guides the family through the enrollment process. Once enrolled, the FRS can provide you with specific resources to support you and your family’s needs.

Carla Miller Miskwaanangookwe (Red Star Women)

Meet our Family Resource Specialist – Carla Miller


Working with the TEAM at LCO Mino Maajisewin for over 2 years now has been a great experience. Some of the families that I work with in the program, I’ve known as children and thus strengthens our bond.

Living here all my life, raising 2 children and 5 grandchildren I’ll say I am truly blessed. The beauty of nature, the lakes and basically the changing seasons is another thing that keeps me in the Northwoods.

Some things I love doing are: Sewing, walking in nature, biking, fishing, ricing and going to powwows to name a few. Spending time with my father and listening to him tell stories of his lifelong experience is my fav!

Working and being supportive of people in the community is where I find my areas of strength and passion. Making a difference in someone's life in a positive way or helping them in anyway, this is what really counts. Witnessing change for the better to create a stronger and healthier community (world) we live in is my lifelong goal! Aho!

Currently, we are enrolling Native American families living in Sawyer County who are pregnant and/or who are parents of young children. Services are available to first-time parents/caregivers, or a non-first-time parent/caregiver involved in child welfare services and/or receiving services for substance abuse and/or mental health. Mino Maajisewin can only enroll a family before the child turns three months old. Once a family is enrolled, they can participate in the Mino Maajisewin program until the child turns five years old.

If you would like information about our enrollment process or have any questions on how to enroll, please contact:

Carla Miller, Family Resource Specialist, 715-558-7739

Or call the Program Coordinator for more information:

Jenny Bisonette, Program Coordinator, 715-558-7734


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