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Make a Donation to WOJB for a Set of Ojibwe Migration Story Gift Cards

From the WOJB Facebook Page

Come Join Our Gift Exchange for a Greeting Card Set of 14 cards (with envelopes) for your gift of $35. Click the Link below.

The Ojibwe migration story is represented in a seven-card set created by a collaboration of individuals led by Ojibwe artist Gordon Coons. Each card represents one of the seven stops along the migration from the Atlantic Ocean to our current home. Our Greeting Card Set includes 2 of each design.

The Anishinabe were looking for their final destination, where "the food grows on water" (wild rice/manoomin) and an island shaped like a turtle, which is generally believed to be Madeline Island in Lake Superior. Each of the stops along the migration is represented by a Totem/Clan: Waabizesihi/Marten, Ajijaak/Crane, Mooz/Moose, Ma'iingan/Wolf, Owaazisii/Catfish, Makwa/Bear, and the final stop with all the major Totems/Clans united.

The original, and large (up to 5'x5') acrylic on canvas artwork can be found on the walls of the Lac Courte Oreilles Public Library, Located on the LCO College Campus.

From all of us at WOJB. Thank You!

The card set is a donation of $35 and the link is here:


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