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Little League players and parents go to Brewers/Twins game

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

The LCO Little League team was treated to the Brewers vs Twins game on August 14 when an 8th inning home run propelled the Brewers to victory 6 to 5.

The trip was made possible from a donation to the team by the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Governing Board.

A lemonade fundraiser was also held in front of Walmart to help the team go to Wisconsin Dells Mt. Olympus on their way home. The team raised $410.

The team thanked Walmart for letting them set up and also thanked all those who gave donations, whih included The LCO Elders Association when Ellen Martin dropped by and delivered a check for $100.

Other donations came from Glenda Barber, $50, Kathy McCaffrey, $40, and then there are so many others who said, "Keep the Change," including Heather Peterson, Bomb Dog, Barb Biller, Deb Baker, and the large order from the LCO Accounting Department! Chi Miigwech everyone.

L-R) LCO Little Leaguers JJ Morey, Sierra Stojek and Blake Trepanier accept $100 donation from the LCO Elders Association represented by Ellen Martin.


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