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LCO Youth Baseball Teams Recruiting for Players Ages 6 to 15

Updated: Jan 28, 2021


The LCO Little League and Babe Ruth teams are now actively recruiting for their teams this summer. We need players. We begin indoor practicing as early as March so don’t wait, get them signed up now.

In this time of Covid, our youth have been going through a lot of stress. Now is the time to get them signed up for a great activity; youth baseball. Playing Little League and Babe Ruth is a great stress reliever and not only that, but it helps boost their self-esteem, develops leadership skills and healthy lifestyle habits.

And best of all… It’s tons of fun. Not only do our kids come together as a team to play baseball, but we reward them for all their positive milestones with a year-end Brewers/Twins game and an overnight trip to the Dells, through sponsorship of our LCO Tribal Governing Board. We also take a trip to the cities to play the Little Earth School in a 3-game series over a fun-filled weekend at a hotel with a pool. And, we are also inviting them to come and play here at LCO.

If that’s not enough, we are also hosting an inter-tribal baseball tournament at the LCO fields this summer inviting all of our nearby tribal neighbors and their youth teams.

Most youth sports teams charge you a fee for their kids to play, but thanks to the generosity of our tribal governing board and LCO Boys and Girls Club, it’s absolutely free to play for our youth baseball teams and in addition to the waived fees, we also provide our players our new players with cleats and gloves!

So parents, get your kids on a path to a brighter future today by signing them up for one of the LCO youth baseball teams. Little League is for ages 9-12 this summer, call Joe Morey at 71-558-5612. Babe Ruth is for ages 13-16, call George Mac Taylor Jr at 715-321-4145.

And we are pleased to announce that a developmental level for ages 6-8 will now be added to our teams. This age group will be coached by Mike Quaderer and Marie Wooten and will utilize machine pitching. More information will be coming out on this soon.


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