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LCO Vocational Rehabilitation Announces New Policy During Covid-19 Crisis

By Megan Bisonette

LCO Voc Rehab Director

In response to the COVID-19 virus, I have taken steps to protect all LCOVR employees, consumers and their families. Beginning immediately, and until April 17, 2020:

• All contact with staff will be conducted via telephone, mail or email, eliminating all face-to-face contact to protect employees, employees who have small children, the elderly, those with at-risk medical conditions and our consumers.

• The LCOVR Office will be locked until April 17, 2020 UNLESS otherwise amended.

• Consumer appointments will be conducted over the phone or postponed until our office re-opens.

• The LCOVR Facebook page will continue to update the community as needed.

• All Program Orientations will be postponed until April 17, 2020 unless otherwise amended.

I will be available for questions or concerns via email at I'd like to thank you for your understanding and commitment to the health of our community.


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