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LCO School to have new playground when school year begins

By Joe Morey News Editor

Children returning to the LCO Ojibwe School on August 26th will have a new playground, according to Jessica Hutchison, School Director.

“The playground demolition by LCO Devlopment has begun and will continue for the next two weeks and will include removal of the current equipment and fill as well as site prep for the new equipment,” Hutchison stated.

Earlier this year, the LCO Tribal Governing Board approved committing $200,000 to the playground from the Community Investment account that was created from the new contract renewal with Cane Bay Partners and LCO Financial Services. The LCO School is committing another $60,000.

Hutchison said the new playground equipment installation is set to begin on August 12th and the poured rubber will go in the following week, with completion before students return to school.

LCO Development will be tearing down the current school playground and placing it in two other locations. The LCO Tribal Government said it’s considering New Post and Skunawong to each have a playground from the current school equipment.

“Both the k-2 and 3-5 playgrounds are being replaced primarily though the generosity of the tribe under the School Board's direction,” Hutchison said. “This fall a mini pre-k playground for the FACE program will also be installed through the use of remaining FACE funds from the 2018-19 School Year. All three will have poured rubber flooring and comply with all state and federal safety guidelines. Once construction is complete a more comprehensive safety plan for external fencing to encompass the equipment as well as the rest of the grounds will be installed, though the fencing project will likely not be completed before students return.”

Hutchison said she’d like to recognize the LCO School Board (TGB) for the contribution to all the children in the LCO Community with this upgrade.

“Not only does the school use the playground, but so does the Boys and Girls Club and the community uses it in the off-school hours and in the summer,” Hutchison said.

“We would also like to extend our gratitude to the crew at LCO Development and Alan Johnson for working so closely with us and the playground contractor,” Hutchison said. “This and all school projects are undertaken under the leadership and expertise of Facilities Director, Edwin Carley.”


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