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LCO School Superintendent Reports on Covid at the School

By Jessica “Hutch” Hutchison

LCO School Superintendent

I understand that many parents and families are concerned about their children attending on campus instruction in light of the repeated automated calls reporting instances of Covid-19 associated with the school. As we near the start of cold weather and what is the highest community rate of COVID-19 in the LCO community since the start of the pandemic, I feel it timely to share the following facts:

We have just begun our 13th week of school, which means that 91 days have passed since the start of school on August 23rd.

In that time we have reported 28 student cases and 8 staff cases of Covid-19.

None of these 36 cases have been linked to transmission at school.

This rate averages out to about 1 case linked to the school every 4 and a half days.

The majority of positive cases have been reported while already in quarantine from a household contact (mom, brother or other person living at home had Covid and transmitted it to students or staff).

Furthermore, we are one of the few non-healthcare buildings in the northern part of the state and the only school in the county to continue to require everyone present on campus to wear a mask.

We continue to have rapid testing for students and staff, allowing many students to remain in school rather than waiting for send out tests.

Together with the LCO Health Center we continue to offer vaccination clinics to all students and staff that want to be vaccinated.

Our staff vaccination rate is near 90%.

We currently have over 500 students and staff on campus everyday. We have been able to remain fully in person for instruction and have not lost any schoolwide instructional days due to outbreaks, though we have been extremely short staffed a number of times. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff that we are able to provide services day after day.

We will continue to take steps to provide for the safety of our students and staff but are also looking forward to a return to a more 'normal' school atmosphere with concerts, powwows, and families once again joining us on campus. We encourage everyone to stay home if they are sick, to get tested if they have symptoms, and most importantly to get vaccinated against Covid-19. We will get through this together. As always, we appreciate your support and flexibility as we near the close of 2021 and look to a healthy and bright 2022.


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