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LCO Police Report for February

By Tim DeBrot, LCO Police Chief

For the month of February officers attended the following training and special events;

On February 5th, 6th and 7th, Dianah Ton, assistant director of the LCO Police Dept., attended System Admin training for the new Spillman program we will be using.

All officers attended lntoxilizer recertification training at the City of Hayward Police Department on February 27th.

On February 28th, SGT. Brandon Sams, Dianah and Chief DeBrot attended a Spillman class at the Sheriff’s Department on Evidence entering and Administration of the System as to forming groups to handle all aspects of report reviewing, correcting and distribution.

Our Department attended two meetings with the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department to discuss potential problems between the two departments and are planning to meet possibly every other week to continue the meetings. There was a lot of progress made at these meetings.

There were no injuries to officers reported to us in February.

There were six accidents reported with personal injury involved in one of them. Officers issued a total of 43 citations in February with seven of them being for OWi.

There were no burglaries reported and no damage to any LCO Housing units.

Our drug team made a total of seven arrests in February with charges ranging from possession of THC and paraphernalia, possession of Meth and paraphernalia, to possession of heroin and paraphernalia. A total of 10 counts against the suspects came out of the arrests. The drug team assisted the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department on four occasions for drug arrests. There were three drug overdoses on the reservation in February of which one resulted in death.

Drug Enforcement February 2019

Seven total drug arrests all within the boundaries of the LCO reservation; two arrests possession meth, one arrest possession heroin paraphernalia, one arrest possession thc/pos paraphernalia, one arrest possession heroin, one arrest possession heroin/pas heroin paraphernalia, one arrest possession meth/pos meth paraphernalia.

Counts: 3 counts possession of methamphetamine, 1 counts possession of meth paraphernalia 1 counts possession THC; 3 counts possession heroin paraphernalia 2 counts possession heroin.

Demographics: Neezh Street-Drytown, County Highway B, County Highway K, Casino Parking lot, Round Lake School Road.

Three heroin overdoses during the month, one heroin overdose death.

Officers Assisted Sawyer County Deputies on four occasions on drug arrests.


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