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LCO Police Issue Reminder About Proper Shelter for Animals in Winter Months

The LCO Tribal Police, through their Facebook page, issued a friendly reminder to the LCO Community about the Animal Control Ordinance for the tribe regarding sheltering dogs during the cold winter months.

“The winter is upon us. If you do have an animal that’s outside for the winter it will need proper shelter. Failure to provide proper shelter may result in a citation,” the Post stated.

The ordinance states all owners and keepers of any animal shall ensure that:

1) All animals kept indoors are kept a building that is maintained at a temperature compatible with the health of the animal and is adequately ventilated at all times;

2) All animals kept outdoors have access to adequate shelter, as defined by Section 4.96(a), which is appropriate to the local climatic conditions for the species concerned;

3) All shelters for any animal are structurally sound and maintained in good repair

The Post goes on to say if you need assistance in obtaining a proper dog house, Please call Anthony, the Animal Control Officer at 699-9017 for assistance.

Image from Peope for Ethical Treatment of Animals website


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