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LCO Ojibwe School Sees Attendance and Enrollment Increases

By Joe Morey

News Editor

LCO Ojibwe School K-12 Superintendent, Jessica “Hutch” Hutchison, reported on Friday, Feb. 5, the school’s attendance is up this academic year and new enrollment has also increased.

“As we work to prepare for our upcoming Accreditation Review next month we are looking closely at data and trends,” Hutch explained. According to data for the past ten years, “Our enrollment continues to climb this year, with 5 transfer students already in the month of February.”

According to the image graph below, enrollment at both, LCO Ojibwe and Wadookadaading Schools has increased nearly 60 students to 351 since last year when enrollment was at 293.

Enrollment at LCO Ojibwe School alone has increased 44 students this school year alone.

Hutch said she was also encouraged that overall attendance in the school is up after the first week of the second semester in comparison with the month of December.

In her report, Hutch noted k-5 attendance is up 14% to 78.78%; 6-8th grade attendance is up 43% to 83.59%; and high school (grades 9-12) attendance is up 30% to 74.76%. Overall k-12 attendance is up 27% to 79.05%.

Hutch sent a message to her staff congratulating them on their hard work and thanking them for, “Working so hard to make this a place kids want to be both in person and working so hard to engage kids to be present online. It is clear that we still have some ground to make up but we are certainly heading in the right direction.”


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