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LCO Ojibwe School Releases New Test To Stay Option

Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe School

Covid-19 Quarantine Option


While Vaccination and mask usage are critical components to ensuring a safe school environment, we will now offer this in-school alternative to quarantining students and school staff who have been exposed to COVID-19 in school to support face to face school learning and reduce stress. Unvaccinated school based close contacts of a COVID-10 case can remain in school and do not have to quarantine, as long as they:

● Are and remain asymptomatic

● Wear masks in school at all times, other than when eating or drinking

● Test daily for at least 7 days on each school day and receive a negative test result. If the individual remains negative, they can stay in school. Parents/guardians must provide consent for testing.

● Conduct active monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms through day 14, and self isolate at home if symptoms develop.

Close contacts that are living with a person that is positive would continue to be required to quarantine.

Testing is an important component when allowing students to attend school during their quarantine to ensure they are excluded quickly if they become infectious.


Students and staff who test positive for COVID-19 infection must isolate at home for at least 10 days since the start of first symptoms(or the day the sample was collected for symptomatic cases) AND be fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medications for 24 hours AND with improvement in symptoms. Repeat testing is NOT recommended for making decisions about when people can return to school. THIS POLICY IS UNCHANGED but will be reviewed in light of recent CDC recommendations.

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