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LCO Ojibwe School holds Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2019

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Senior Graduation was held on Friday, May 31 and celebrated the class of 2019.

LCO School Director, Jessica “Hutch” Hutchison told the graduates this day is about the graduates, but it’s also about their families and the relationships they have to get them here.

“It’s important to acknowledge them for all they have done,” Hutch said.

Valedictorian Helen Perry thanked her teachers and her coaches in sports and acknowledged how they have helped her with her achievements. She also thanked her family and friends.

“Being at LCO Ojibwe School we were able to learn about our language and our culture,” Perry said. “I want to encourage my classmates and the younger people to learn the language and the culture. I feel it makes us strong Ojibwe.”

Laurene “Packer Sue” Taylor as the keynote speaker told the graduates to acknowledge the people around them today and cherish the memories, and to look to the future. Taylor told the students to remember to come back home from your journey so you can share your adventures and what you have learned.

The graduating seniors at LCO Ojibwe School included Arnold Crone, Jr, Bernek Quagon, Christy Tosland, Sequoia Jack, Tony Sierra, Makala Radermacher, Greg Fleming, Jory Thunder, Helen Perry, Karalyn Conger-Quagon, Melena Potack, Savion Miller, and Shane Hamilton.

Valedictorian Helen Perry


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