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LCO Medical Director Reports New Phase for Covid in the Community

Dr. Steve Miszkiewicz, LCO Health Center Medical Director, gives latest report on Covid-19 at Lac Courte Oreilles in early October.

Last week we ended up with 6 + cases for the entire week. We now have Influenza vaccine and Bivalent Covid Boosters available by appointment. September 30th marked the end of a grant which allowed us to be the leader in Covid testing for our community. We will continue to offer Covid testing to our patients and our tribal members but we ask that an appointment be made and be seen in house by our Urgent/Respiratory care team in an effort to allow testing and treatment for not only Covid, but also other infectious diseases prevalent this time of year and the upcoming winter.

This marks a change in approach and signals the new normal, where we live with Covid much like we have lived with other respiratory illness outbreaks in the past(influenza). Should we have a sudden surge we will or could go back to Drive up testing if need be, but that will depend on how the “endemic” proceeds from here. I am not saying Covid is gone, we are just in a new phase and as such we will adapt how we move forward.

We at the clinic appreciate your patience and encourage input and or constructive criticism. At this time we recommend that you have your home test confirmed here at the office, I think that in the not too distant future that will not be a necessity either.


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