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LCO Medical Director Calls for Observing Covid-19 Safety Measures as Local Cases Rise

By Steven Miszkiewicz MD

Medical Director/LCO Health Center

The LCO Community Health Center has recently detected a large increase in positive tests for COVID-19, which can be directly attributed to people not isolating and not quarantining or not using the CDC Covid-19 standard precautions, including social distancing, wearing face masks, hand sanitizing, disinfecting, limiting gathering to less than 10 people.

Please, for the health and safety of your family, our elders and the community, if you are a contact or have been diagnosed with Covid-19, follow the CDC self-isolation and quarantining guidelines at

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 and need to be tested please call the Sawyer County Covid-19 hotline number (715)934-4518. Do not go to work, public places, bars or restaurants! stay home, wear your masks, self-isolate, social distance, frequent handwashing are all advised.

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