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LCO Health Director Provides Latest Local Covid-19 Test Results

Submitted by Dr. Gary Girard Interim LCO Health Center Director

To date: We have tested 87 Health Center curbside Covid-19 tests with (0) Positive, 81 negative, and 6 pending results. We have also tested 301 at outreach sites including New Post Elder Center, Signor Church, Reserve Elder Center, Bizhiki Wellness Center, and the LCO Country Store. All 301 tests were negative, indicating no Covid-19 infections. In addition, we are planning more curbside in the near future.

All this data will be used to support a soft opening yet to be determined, based on the CDC guidelines and collaboration with Sawyer County Health & Human Services, LCOHC Incident Command Team, Health Center Director, and the Tribal Governing Board.  

The Health Center continues to recommend following CDC guidelines including social distancing, wearing masks when within 6 feet of others and regular hand and surface cleaning.


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