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LCO Health Center Hires New Medical Director

Aaniin --WELCOME Dr. Rey Palop

The Lac Courte Oreilles Community Health Center welcomes Dr. Rey Palop as the new Medical Director. Dr. Palop’s leadership role as Medical Director will help ensure that each patient is provided quality, timely, effective and efficient care. As an experienced Medical Director and Primary Care Physician, Dr. Palop is dedicated to overseeing timely support and teamwork to ensure access to care for patients with the quality, accurate, diagnostic and intervention services expected and deserved. Whether health care support needs are basic or complex, you can trust you are receiving the best healthcare possible. His is a philosophy of caring and respect, ensuring a network of professionals dedicated to making a difference are providing the best care to every patient at every opportunity.

Dr. Palop wishes to ensure that providers are well-prepared to meet the majority of health care needs within Lac Courte Oreilles Community. “When you have a need that requires information or guidance as you utilize our health system please don’t hesitate to turn to me or any member of your healthcare team to coordinate timely intervention and best health outcomes.” Lac Courte Oreilles Community Health Center is a one-stop shop with several departments and over 70 professionals who comprise your healthcare team. Our team is growing. Thank you for your patience as we reorganize and build your healthcare team. Each team member is armed with his/her own unique education and experiences that develop skillsets and gifts ready to support each other and our patients in the important work of healthcare service delivery.

Again, thank you for choosing Lac Courte Oreilles Community Health Center as your health care delivery medical home and allowing us to serve you! “We promise to earn your trust through responsive healthcare collaboration and holistic healthcare teamwork to embody our primary value — the needs of the patient come first — in everything we do.”

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