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LCO Food Distribution Gives Membership Report

Editor's Note: The following was provided to the Membership at the General Membership Meeting in January.

The Food Distribution Program continues to run very smoothly despite the pandemic that started 3 years ago. We have up to 87 different food products available to our clients each month. The food can be ordered by phone or ordered in person. The food can then be delivered by Food Distribution or picked up by the client or their family member.

We also have up to 24 different fresh produce items that are available. This includes a great variety. Two recently added fruits are frozen blueberries and frozen strawberries.

Recently added meat items include ground bison and bison stew meat. Clients seem to like both of the new meats.

Some bonus items we have are cranberry sauce, 5 lb frozen hams, salmon fillets, catfish fillets, walleye fillets, and 1 lb of wild rice. These products are seasonal and not available all year round.

Two big improvements to the program are:

o             participants can receive 2 egg products a month (for example, 2 dozen eggs per person).

o             participants can receive 5 meats instead of 3 meats per month, per person.

This came into effect September 1, 2023. The monthly income standards increased at the start of the new fiscal year which is October 1. People wishing to apply can call Food Distribution or stop in during regular business hours.


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