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LCO Fire Department Receives Generous Donation

By Nicole Smith

Communications Officer

The LCO Fire Department recently received a generous donation of over $44,000. The donation came from the Nancy Allison Perkins Foundation. The foundation donated much needed equipment to the LCO Fire Department.

"Ramona Morrow and I have known Nancy and her family for many years and approached her recently regarding donations to the LCO Fire Department," said Christian Clarquist, fire fighter volunteer. "She spent time researching and asked what our greatest need was."

The LCO Fire Department was in much need for SCBA's which stands for a self-contained breathing apparatus. This is a type of respirator that contains breathable compressed air and is used by firefighters or others that may be working in areas filled with smoke, toxic gas or other contaminants that are immediately dangerous to life and health.

Clarquist said that firefighters will be trained on the new equipment soon and they are still in need of the remaining SCBA equipment as their current equipment will expire in 2019.

Miigwech to the Nancy Perkins Foundation for her generous donation!


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