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LCO Elder Nutrition Report for the Month of December

Alberta Stone

LCO Elder Nutrition Program Manager

The LCO Elder Nutrition Program Staff delivered the following meals and information materials during the month of December 2019.

Congregate (Dining Room) Meals served: 419 Donations totaled $166.43

Home Delivered Meals served: 1257 Donations totaled $70.00

Newspapers delivered: 105

Newsletters delivered: 200

Public Informational Materials delivered : 522

Chef Al, from the LCO Community College held 3 nutrition education sessions at the LCO Elder Nutrition Center during the month:

12/3/19 Participated by 12 Elder Community Members

12/10/19 Participated by 13 Elder Community Members

12/17/19 Participated by 14 Elder Community Members

Breakfast was served on December 17th, 2019 in which 8 Elder Community Members joined us.

Picture: HHS Volunteers Lynsey Martin, Allison Thayer, Adelyn Stone, Amber Burchfield

Our LCO Elder Center Christmas Dinner was a wonderful time. Great job girls and a big “Thank you” for your hard work and pleasant personalities.

Picture: Jean Gouge’, Jordon Dauphinais, Randy Miller (LCO 6th Grade), Carole Bartold, Lisa Zeit (LCO Teacher)

The LCO 6th Grade students: Randy Miller, Rowan Beaulieu, Brandi Thomas, Mathew White, Gary Clause, Cheybon Yahola along with their teacher, Lisa Zeit, made Ojibwe prayer cards for the LCO Home Delivered Meal Participants and brought gift bags that also contained a hand made ornament, for the LCO Elder Congregate members that joined us for our 2019 Christmas dinner.

“Thank you” for your hard work and for helping make the LCO Elder Center Christmas Dinner special.

Handmade blankets, pin cousins and leg warmers were donated from the Primrose Knotty Ladies in Dane County and were distributed to some the LCO Elder Center Congregate participants and to the January bingo player participants. “Thank you” Ladies for making December a special month for our Elder Community.

In September, the Burke Lutheran Church Quilting Group along with Linda Klinger also donated quilts to the LCO Elder Center which were distributed as Christmas gifts to some of the local Elders and to the LCO Elders that reside at the local Nursing Homes. Linda Hanson donated clothing items that were also distributed to our LCO Elder Community members as they were displayed on our community free table.

The LCO Elder Center would like the Burke Church, Linda Klinger and Linda Hanson to know that this was very appreciated nice thing and it helped a lot of our LCO Elder Community Members. Thank you, Dave Coon, LCO Community member for making this possible and for delivering the items to our Center. Thank you, Danielle Bensen for delivering the Christmas gift blankets to our Elders in the Nursing Homes.


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