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LCO Community Needs Assessment Hits the Home Stretch

Submitted by Curtis DeCora

Project Manager

The LCO Community Needs Assessment comes to the finish line in the next few weeks. As the project starts to wrap up, the team collects the final pieces of data, and meets with the individuals in the randomly selected survey process.

To date, we have been able to compile a great deal of data and analyze some numbers. As a summary, there were 945 randomly selected homes within the tribal boundaries, these homes were not determined to be tribal or non-tribal, simply a random selection of fire numbers based on the initial mapping phase.

Of these 945 homes, 209 surveys were completed successfully.

Conversely, 412 are still pending as we try to connect with the homeowners to get a survey completed. The unique thing about these pending cases is that we only get 6 attempts to meet with the homeowner before we have to close out that case as an unsuccessful attempt and lose out on collecting that invaluable data which can dramatically help the tribe.

In just about any assessment or survey project, you will have folks who refuse to participate, and we do have eight homes which refused to participate in the project.

We have determined there are 301 units of our randomly selected population which fall into a category as either a seasonal home or uninhabitable.

Over the next few weeks we will be wrapping up our project and do encourage anyone with a door hanger to reach out to us and help us wrap up this project so we can collect the data we need to vastly improve access to funding for our programs and services.

If you need help with completing the survey online or finding your survey code, please feel free to contact Curtis DeCora at (715) 699-4887 to dispatch a field staff for a dedicated time and location to complete the survey. Keep in mind each completed survey does come with a $10 gift certificate to the LCO Quick Stop or LCO C-Store, and a chance to win one of two $500 grand prizes.


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