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LCO Chief Medical Doctor Issues Alert After 6 Cases of Syphilis Diagnosed in the Community

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Steven Miszkiewicz MD

Medical Director

Lac Courtes Oreilles Community Health Center


In addition to a syphilis outbreak in the community, the Chief Medical Doctor adds that Hepatitis C is also prevalent in the community.

"We really want patients to know that we not only test for syphilis and Hep C but we treat both diseases here at the clinic," states Dr. Miszkiewicz.

The Chief Medical Doctor at the LCO Community Health Center is issuing an alert that there have been six diagnosed cases of Syphilis in the LCO Community over the past two months. He is urging community members to be aware of that they have treated these cases and in the following images below, you will find CDC fact sheets regarding the disease.

"It is a sexually transmitted disease and can cause long term severe complications if left untreated and it is very treatable," noted Dr. Steven Miszkiewicz of the LCO clinic.


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