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LCO Chairman Addresses Safer-at-Home Order, Employees, Public Health and Emergency Management

By Louis Taylor

LCO Chairman

In an attempt to keep you informed with this ongoing crisis we face, there are many challenges ahead, but I want to assure you that we are taking every step necessary to keep our membership safe, healthy and informed. I’ll be personally working with our Emergency Response Team and will give regular updates as often as I can.

As a sovereign Tribe, we will decide when we will lift the public health emergency restrictions, but, at the present time we are following the Governor’s safer-at-home order. We have a good working relationship with the Governor who respects our sovereignty. The Governor, Lt. Governor and their administrative staff have been giving us weekly briefings.

The LCO Tribal Governing Board (TGB), Emergency Management, and Health Center have a very good working relationship with Sawyer County Officials and Public Health. The following agencies are holding a daily call to coordinate the joint effort sharing information and preventative measures taken: LCO and Sawyer County Emergency Management, Sawyer County and LCO Chairman’s offices, the Sheriff, LCO Health and County Health & Human Services.

In addition, all of our public safety agencies are communicating on a daily basis.

For the safety, well-being and financial security of our tribal employees and their families, the TGB is seriously looking at unemployment insurance options as we monitor the financial situation of our tribal entities to sustain current and future operations. We have adequate resources available, but to preserve those resources, we are considering the alternatives.

Until further notice, the TGB made the decision to close the LCO Tribal Administration Offices, but essential tribal government services will continue and be accessible by phone or email. If you need any assistance, please call or email the necessary department if you know the extension, or call the Tribal Office main number and leave a message.

TGB members continue to work on this constantly evolving situation and monitor this public health crisis. We are also receiving constant updates regarding the federal stimulus package and determining how this affects us as a Tribe in our current status and going forward.

I want our membership to know there are currently no confirmed Covid-19 cases in Sawyer County or LCO. When there is a first confirmation, Sawyer County Public Health will issue a press release and our Public Relations Department will immediately share that release. In the meantime, that official Press Release is the only source for confirmation you should rely on.

When and if we get a confirmed case, we have measures in place to deal with the situation.

I want to thank our community members for complying with the Governor’s Safer-at-Home Order and doing your part in leveling the curve here at LCO.

Our Tribal Governing Board wants all the volunteers and essential personnel who are continuing to work through this crisis to know how much we appreciate you and all you are doing to keep our people safe, healthy and financially secure.



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