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LCO C-Store Getting a New and Improved Look for Easier Access and Theft Prevention

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The Lac Courte Oreilles Convenience Store is getting a new look, one that manager, Jeff Tribble, hopes will help flow the busy traffic much smoother and safer in the Covid-era and improve theft protection by allowing a better view of the store for cashiers.

The first phase of the enhanced improvements include installation of two new checkouts on one side with an existing checkout and closing off the other previous checkout so the door in that location becomes an entrance only and the door with the three checkouts becomes an exit only.

“The new look is to create a flow of traffic in one direction to help create a more efficient and productive way to shop here,” Tribble explained. “One way doors will help keep the flow traffic in one direction and also help prevent retail theft as everyone will have to exit in front of our cashiers.”

Tribble also explained that the third checkout will help prevent line congestion.

“We have a lot of plans for the improvements to the store and deli department,” Tribble added. “We will be getting new cigarette and tobacco displays and dispensers for easier access. We will be adding new lottery displays and dispensers as well so the customer can see what we have available before coming to the counter.”

Tribble also said they plan to get new updated coffee machines and dispensers where the customer uses a touchscreen for selection.

“We are also adding our own espresso machine where the customer can see the whole beans on top of the dispenser before they are freshly ground for use,” Tribble stated.

And finally, Tribble went on, “We will be closing the rear entrance doors to the public in the near future. They will be used for an emergency exit and employee/service entrance only.”


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