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LCO C-Store Dealing with High Volume of Theft and In Need of Cashiers

New LCO C-Store Manager, Jeff Tribble, gave a report to the LCO Tribal Governing Board on Monday, June 29, at which time he said they are having a problem with employee turnover, thefts out the back door of the station and drive offs. 

The TGB authorized Tribble to lock the rear door so that all traffic has to move through the front doors. Tribble said they are having a problem with customers who are simply grabbing merchandise and exiting out the rear door without paying. He explained they wait till the front two cashiers are busy with long lines. The store has been very busy during the summer season.

Tribble was also authorized to begin making all pumps pre-pay because of too many gas drive offs during this busy summer season. 

Below you will find the application for employment at the LCO C-Store.


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