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Larry LaSieur Recognized After 39 Years at LCO Development

By Joe Morey

News Editor

A special ceremony was held at the Sevenwinds Conference Center recognizing the retirement of Larry LaSieur after 39 years working for LCO Development.

The Badger Singers performed an honor song and the LCO Tribal Governing Board presented him with several gifts including a Pendleton blanket.

LCO Development Director Bob Sharlow said, “You’ve all heard me say everyone is replaceable, but Larry blew that notion out of the water. He is irreplaceable,” Sharlow stated. “It’s sad for not only LCO Development that Larry is retiring, but for all of our Tribe because of all the things he has done over the years for our Tribe.”

LCO TGB members recognized Larry at the ceremony remarking about his many years of service. Little Guy Clause thanked him for, “Holding it down for our Tribe since 1982.”

Glenda Barber noted how she worked with Larry at Development back when type writers were the thing, and Don Carley told Larry, “You’ve survived through many tribal councils and you know how those council people are.”

Carley said, “Many have learned from you over the years.”

Larry said from day one it’s been great working at LCO Development. “I’ve worked with a lot of people and it’s been a privilege.”

Larry LaSieur, left, presented gifts by members of the LCO Tribal Governing Board from left-right, Gary "Little Guy" Clause, Michelle Beaudin, Glenda Barber and Don Carley.

Little Guy and Glenda present him the blanket

Bob Sharlow, LCO Development Director, says some words recognizing Larry's 39 years.

Many friends and co-workers came to the ceremony to congratulate Larry.


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