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K & B Loop Infrastructure Project Underway Along Hwy K

By Joe Morey

News Editor

Many in the community have been wondering what is going on with the clearing of trees along some areas on Hwy K, and Chairman Louis Taylor shared that LCO Development is working to connect the remaining portion of a large infrastructure project known as the Hwy K & B Loop.

The project, funded by a $4.6 million Workforce Innovation Grant, supports water and sewer in a loop down Hwy K, around Hwy B past the ball fields and back down Round Lake School Road.

Taylor said LCO Development is currently clearing trees along Hwy K in several spots where they are laying the pipe, which will connect to pipe that's already been laid along Schoolhouse Road where the new police and fire stations have been built.

“Once this is laid, we can build any housing or businesses along the loop and all they will have to do is connect to the line,” Taylor said. “The new Health Center being built on Hwy K will be able to connect to the part they are laying now.”

Taylor also said the new 40-unit apartment building on Round Lake School Road will also be connected to the K & B Loop, as well as any future housing communities along the loop from the Four Corners area to Hwy B, to the Sevenwinds Casino and back down Hwy K.

The aim of the Workforce Innovation Grant award, received in July of 2022 when Governor Tony Evers came to LCO to announce it, was to help the Tribe provide affordable housing to support a growing demand for workers in the community.

“This housing project will create a variety of housing opportunities and will be situated to ensure residents have direct access to Tribal services, are close to area employers, and have transportation options that fit their needs, including public transportation routes, biking, and walking paths,” announced a press release from Governor Evers.

Evers said ensuring folks across our state have access to affordable, reliable housing and clean, safe drinking water is a critical part of our work to connect the dots and build strong communities across our state, and this project is a great example of doing just that.

The Tribe is still awaiting word on an Indian Community Development Block Grant that will fund a 27-home project to be built at the Four Corners across from the new law enforcement center.


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