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Important updated contact info for the Communications Office

Due to personnel changes, new contact information for the LCO Communications Office, which includes the LCO Newspaper, online newsletter, social media pages and the newly revamped tribal website, are as follows;

All submissions are to be sent to Joe Morey via email at or delivered to his mailbox at the LCO Tribal Office. You may also use the contact us form on the tribal website at, or call him at 715-558-5612.

Deadlines each week for any articles, letters, flyers, advertisements or other submissions must be received by 5 pm on Tuesdays each week. The online newsletter is sent out every Friday while the print news is distributed every other Friday.

The LCO Newspaper and weekly online newsletter will now be accepting advertisements for a reasonable fee. Advertising revenues will be collected by the tribal accounting department and will be used to offset costs. More details on advertising rates will be published in the February 7 edition of the LCO Newspaper and the Feb. 8 online newsletter. For more information on advertising, contact Joe through one of the options listed above.

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