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Impact Aid Hearing Shows 20% of Hayward School Students are Enrolled LCO Members

By Joe Morey News Editor

The annual Impact Aid Hearing was held on Dec. 19, 2022 at the LCO Ojibwe University Auditorium, which is a review of the Hayward Community School District’s policies, procedures and programs for federal dollars allocated to the school in lieu of taxes, based on the count of Native American students.

Hayward Superintendent, Craig Olson, said the amount of federal aid received in 2020-21 was $863,224, and in 2021-22, $834,706.

“If we did not get Impact Aid, the District would have to tax for it in order to finance our education program. This Impact Aid money goes into the general budget to provide all children with the same education opportunities,” explained Olson.

The total number of students enrolled as of September 2022, is 1903, of which 492 identified as a race other than white. 377 of those were officially registered members of the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribe.

Hayward Middle School JOM tutor, Amanda Scheel, came before the LCO Tribal Governing Board (TGB) in early January to share some information with them regarding staffing at the District that represents Natives.

Scheel said the other two JOM tutor positions are vacant, which would cover the high school and intermediate school. She said these positions have been difficult to fill.

Each school also has a Tribal Liaison, which include Shane Ewert for intermediate and primary, Susan Taylor at the middle school and Kim Lambert for the high school.

The Tribal Liaison duties include assisting with attendance and behavior issues, supporting higher education goals and plans, facilitate referrals to school and community programs, implement incentive activities, and work closely with guidance departments, parents, teachers, administration and social services and legal agencies.

The JOM students help Native students who are behind in grade level in basic skills and/or receiving failing grades in reading and math.

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Billi Jean
Billi Jean
Jun 08, 2023

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