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Housing Issues New Update on Covid-19 Operations

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

By Mark Montano

LCO Housing Director

The Housing Authority is providing the following operational updates in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Information and guidance during these trying and difficult times is rapidly changing. We ask that you continue to utilize all resources in order to stay up to date and current. All exterior entrance doors will be locked with no access to the public. Therefore, the following action will be enacted immediately;

• To ensure the health and safety of our Maintenance staff and also limit exposure to our tenants, the Maintenance Department will only be responding to Emergency or Health & Safety work orders. Additionally, when calling for maintenance services staff have been instructed to ask if anyone may be sick in your house so that the appropriate precautions can be taken by responding staff.

• All annual unit inspections are suspended.

• Tenant payments will only be accepted by phone with a valid credit/debit card. Payments may also be deposited in a drop box, which will be installed the week of March 23rd and will be located next to the main entrance. We strongly encourage using other forms of payment versus cash due to not being able to provide you with change. Envelopes will be available in a box located by the front entrance for use in the drop box.

• Applications for housing will be available on the Tribal Website Housing Page, click the PDF, and may be emailed to info@lcoha.org or mailed to the Housing Authority physical address.

• Individuals on the current waiting list may update their information via email at info@lcoha.org or by telephone.

• All late fees will be waived until further notice.

• Recertification's will be performed telephonically and through the mail.

The Housing Authority takes this public emergency very seriously and are responding as quickly as possible in an effort to protect the public and our employees by reducing social interaction. We would also encourage all tenants to make certain we have all of your current contact information.

Please be safe and follow all safety guidance.