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Honor the Earth Powwow Committee Cautiously Planning An Event for 2021

The first announcement from the Honor the Earth Powwow Committee was released on March 3rd regarding the upcoming 2021 Homecoming Celebration to be held in July.

"The 2021 Honor The Earth powwow committee at Odaawaazaaga'igan, aka LCO, is cautiously planning a tentative in-person and virtual events gathering of singing, drumming, dancing, feasting and social distancing while wearing facial masks," the announcement stated. "Local, i.e. LCO tribal members may only be invited due to the virus. However, miracles do happen; please stay tuned."

LCO Tribal Governing Board member Glenda Barber said the TGB is urging everyone to get vaccinated and follow all safety precautions so the event can go on and be safe and fun for all.

More announcements will be released soon.

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Is there an annual powwow for our tribe?

Gefällt mir

What are the dates for the powwow this year anybody?

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Lorna Drumm
Lorna Drumm
26. März 2021

a gift shop would be nice or is there one already?

Gefällt mir
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