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Head Start and Early Head Start now Accepting Applications for Fall

The LCO Head Start and Early Head Start is now preparing for the upcoming Fall sessions. If you plan on applying for enrollment for your child, we are now encouraging interested parents to pick up an application and return it ASAP. We are proceeding with caution because of the future unknown restrictions for Covid19 at this point. We are not sure what they will look like this Fall, but we are hoping for the best. To get things in order, we are asking that applications are returned to us by 8-2-21. By that time, we should have a better idea of how we can proceed. Just in case we still have to limit our class sizes, it is best to get it done early. We will still enroll children up to our enrollment capacity either way. Some children could be put on the home learning list.

To clarify, home learners will not attend the center in person until it is declared safe to do so. These children will receive a packet each week that contains activities and supplies to work on at home. This is a great opportunity for parents to spend some quality learning time with their children. They will also receive food and snacks for the week. If the child is still working on potty training, they will get diapers or pull ups and wipes. These children are fully enrolled in our program and are entitled to all of the things the program offers.

At this point in time, the in person class sizes are limited. Parents were given the choice to either keep their children home or send them to the center. In order to keep our numbers low, we did not enroll new children this past Fall. We also adapted our policies so that we could do our best to keep everyone safe. We are now accepting applications for this fall.

Children can enroll in Early Head Start at birth. They are provided with all the necessities, diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, all you provide is the baby. Once the child reaches 3 years old, they can apply to Head Start. You must come to the center to pick up an application. For more information, please call 715 634-8560.




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