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GUEST COLUMN: Famous Dave on Life Mastery: Becoming the Expert

By "Famous" Dave Anderson

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Someone once asked me—“Dave, what do you do for a living?”

And I think I surprised them with my answer—“I am a full-time student first and secondly, I teach. BUT—I also love to make—The World's Best Ribs—just to make people happy!”

Here’s some hard-earned lessons, I am sharing these learning lessons on Life Mastery I have learned the hard way through a lifetime of struggle, mistakes, and complete failures—BUT I have hugely succeeded too! These 10 Life Mastery Lessons apply to everyone who are striving to become the best of the best, the ultimate professional—someone highly respected for being at the top of their craft:

1) RESEARCH: There is no getting around the fact, you need to do countless hours of good old fashioned homework to dig dig dig to find what others can’t see or won’t put in the time up front to find. You need to always be learning. Success doesn’t fall out of the sky.

2) PRIMING THE PUMP…INVESTMENT: Nothing comes free without an investment of time, hard work, and money. And no one owes you so you have to do it yourself. Sweat equity and some cash. You always need to prime-the-pump up front.

3) COMMITMENT TO BE THE BEST: It takes thousands & thousands of hours of repetition to build masterful skills. Always strive to be a professional.

4) DISCIPLINE: Once you understand how to do something right—it takes discipline to do the "same thing" over-and-over again—“right.”

5) EVERY LITTLE THING MATTERS: There are “little things” that make huge differences in the successful outcome that only comes with time, practice, and understanding of the process. Don’t ever discount the little things!

6) THERE IS ONE CORRECT WAY TO DO THINGS RIGHT: When you’re this good there is only one way to do something right to get the same best of class results every time. Don’t ever try and believe you can take short-cuts. The only short-cut there is—is a short-cut to failure!

7) CONSISTENCY: All winners have one thing in common… they do things with consistency day after day after day. If something goes wrong its easy to go back and figure out where things went wrong.

8) STACKING THE BEST OF THE BEST: Every fundamental thing you master to get right—is a building block to success. The more things you get right—you begin to stack on top of each other, layers on layers, of all the things critical to creating a quality outcome both in product and service.

9) YOU WILL FAIL AND LOSE: In the course of your work—there are times when you will fail and make mistakes. Sometimes the failure is catastrophic and will set you back. This is when you will learn your greatest lessons beginning with you can’t stop to whine—its exactly during this time when you must see yourself overcoming your setback and achieving your original goal. Its during times of adversity that your mind churns over and over thinking of ways to overcome your defeat. This "churning" is experience turning into wisdom. The greater the adversity you overcome—the greater the things you will be able to achieve in work and in life. Don’t let failure cause you to drop-out.

Even failure needs to graduate! This is called Life Mastery.

So often people think that Life Mastery is all about success. But its not really—I have come to understand that success is really “The Outcome” of being able to know— “You have everything inside you to discover solutions to the impossible and the perseverance to never give up when roadblocks and adversities jackhammer you!”

Life Mastery is really best understood when you reach the point where you finally & totally understand that you can overcome all the adversities life hurls at you. Wisdom comes from failure and even loss of the investment and this is why learning the disciplines is so important—and why you need to do as much “right” as possible because every second, every minute, and every day—it can all go wrong and you lose it all. Nothing is good or perfect all the time. Winners use these Life Mastery moments of loss & failure to get better.

10) BE GRATEFUL: When something works—Give Thanks. When things go all wrong—give thanks for the opportunity to go at it all over again. Because each time you have to start over, you are becoming a master at the top of your craft! The only way you can overcome the bad is with a positive, forward-looking attitude. The lesson here is never quit when it goes all wrong—embrace the bad times for what they are and just always always be grateful.

I wish you the very best this New Year! "Famous Dave"


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