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Gokey Honored for 36 Years of Service to the Tribe

By Joe Morey

News Editor

A special ceremony was held Friday, Feb. 19, at the Sevenwinds Convention Center to recognize Ron Gokey for 36 years of service working for the Tribe, most of those spent at the LCO Housing Authority where he recently retired as Maintenance Supervisor.

Gokey was presented with gifts from Housing Authority staff and members of the LCO Tribal Governing Board (TGB), which included a dream catcher, plaque and Pendleton Blankets.

TGB Member Gary “Little Guy” Clause thanked Gokey for all he has done over the years. Little Guy told him he was a survivor by working consistently through so many tribal administrations.

“I’m glad you’ve done so good over the years. You’re co-workers have appreciated you,” Little Guy said. He said it was his honor to present Gokey the gifts on behalf of the people of the Tribe.

Marcy Gouge said she has worked with Gokey for 27 of those years.

“It’s been a privilege working with you,” Gouge said. “You’ve always been dedicated, loyal and worked hard. You were always there and we could all count on you. In the early years, Ron was on-call 24/7. It didn’t matter if it was 30 below or over 90 degrees outside, he was there. Enjoy your retirement. We’re going to miss you.”

Gokey thanked everyone for coming to the event.

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to work for our Tribe and being able to take care of our Elders,” Gokey said.

LCO Housing Director Jean Thayer said she was grateful and appreciative of Gokey’s 36 years of service.

Gouge presents Ron with gifts from LCO Housing Authority.

Gouge and Housing Director Jean Thayer present a blanket to Ron.

TGB Members Gary "Little Guy" Clause and Glenda Barber present gifts from the Tribe to Ron.


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