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GLITC Offices Close and Grandparent Programs Suspended

In conjunction with the State of Wisconsin recommendations, our Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion Programs have been temporarily suspended until March 30, 2020. The Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Offices in Lac du Flambeau have been ordered closed by the Board of Directors at this time until March 30, 2020. During this transitional period with Covid-19, the team of: Pat Takamine, Wendy Rozhon, Don Lincoln and Cassie Molkentin are working remotely from their homes online and are available by phone as well.

Please focus on following the guidelines set within your own communities as well as the State to ensure your own health and wellness. Stay Healthy and stay safe.

During this time, we will be reaching out to do some follow through with some recent projects, some of you may get a phone call as well. Please watch your mail for further updates and upcoming newsletter as well.


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