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From the Editor's Desk: Taxes and Travel Plazas

By Joe Morey

News Editor

A couple of important articles were released last week regarding some of the work Blue Stone Strategy Group has been doing for the tribe. Those two articles involved the tribal tax plan and the restructuring of the tribal C-Store operations.

First, several job postings have been posted regarding the C-Stores. The TGB is actively seeking out two managers, one for each C-Store at the corner of Hwy B and K, and a retail inventory manager who will oversee inventory for all three tribal convenience stores and the LCO Country Store.

The current C2 Travel Plaza awaits some new shelving and restocked coolers.

These positions need to be filled immediately and the TGB is very determined to give these positions to tribal members, so don't hesitate, follow the application procedure for the tribe and get your resume in.

Once these two manager positions are filled, an active and aggressive search will take place for an overall retail director to oversee all the tribe's retail outlet managers and operations.

Secondly, regarding the tribal tax plan presented in the following article, I was asked to place a poll on the Lac Courte Oreilles Today Facebook group page asking if community members were in favor of the tax plan or opposed. This plan, at the current time, only involves two taxes, a 25 cent cigarette tax and 5% sales tax on convenience store items excluding alcohol.

The Poll question asked, "Estimated to bring in $750,000 per year revenue to help the tribe fund social services (fire department, elder and youth services, etc.), should the tribe institute a 25 cent cigarette tax and a 5% sales tax on convenience items?"

The results of the poll favored the tax plan with 49 yes votes and 37 no votes. By no means is this a true reflective poll of the tribal membership's position on this issue, but it certainly gives some idea of where the community sits on the issue. LCO Chairman Louis Taylor said the TGB may put the question up as a referendum for the tribal membership to vote on.

P.S. Make sure to mark your calendars for the General Membership Meeting planned for Saturday, Nov. 2 at 9 am in the Event Center (former bingo hall) at Sevenwinds Casino. You can expect reports from TGB members, reports from many program directors and a lot of discussion on current proposals and actions of the TGB.


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