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Feather Pole Raised at Tribal Office for Healing of the LCO Community

By Joe Morey

News Editor

A Feather Pole Ceremony was held at the LCO Tribal Governing Board (TGB) on Monday morning, Nov. 29, to raise a medicine pole at the front of the tribal office meant for community members to offer tobacco and help in the healing of our community after there have been so many recent deaths.

"Our community has been through a lot," stated TGB member Michelle Beaudin. She said two raised garden beds designed by Renee Manuelito are also displayed in front of the Tribal Office, one to acknowledge the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and the other for the many thousands of Native children who were sent to boarding schools and never returned home.

The prayer and blessing of the pole was done by Tribal Elder Dennis White who explained how the feather pole is part of our healing.

"We've lost too many of our people, especially our young people," White said. He said community members may come to the pole and offer tobacco any time of the day.

A feast was had after the ceremony, which was prepared by Kathy Diamond.

The feather pole and a Community Healing Ceremony scheduled for the Sevenwinds Casino Convention Center on Thursday were organized by TGB members Michelle Beaudin and Glenda Barber.

The ceremony at the casino is scheduled for 5 pm on Thursday and because of Covid, Beaudin said they are asking that only persons over 16 attend. She said it is a time for healing, feasting, prayer and dance.

The flyer for the event is asking that all Jingle Dress Dancers over 16 years of age come and help heal the community.

Pictured above from Top Left clockwise) The pole is raised with Gary Quaderer Jr and Tweed Shuman holding the pole while Gary "Little Guy" Clause fills in the dirt; Michelle Beaudin thanks everyone with Dennis White standing nearby; and community members offer tobacco prior to the raising of the feather pole.


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