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Feasibility Study Begins for Future Plans of C2 Travel Plaza Space

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The Lac Courte Oreilles Tribe hired a firm, Redevelopment Resources, to do a feasibility study on future plans for the C2 Travel Plaza space across from the Sevenwinds Casino. The feasibility study is being paid for by a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) grant.

A discussion was held among the Tribal Governing Board on Tuesday, Aug. 22, to discuss some goals and possible options for the space to give some direction for the company.

LCO Vice Chairman Tweed Shuman said there were basically two different directions they could go, one was to fill in the current vacant space, or a complete redevelopment.

Shuman said he had heard one idea was to completely bulldoze the building and make a larger travel plaza that would fit boat trailers and RV’s, then remove the current C1 gas station clearing the area in front of the casino.

Chairman Louis Taylor said there have been several ideas tossed around, one including turning the current space into a bait shop and more tourist oriented business with supplies for RV’s, ATV’s and boating. He said this facility would also have a restaurant, as the Tribe currently doesn’t have many options for food.

“I could see making the plaza the new modern plaza with gas, car wash and restaurant and removing the C1 store,” Taylor added.

Michelle Beaudin said she believes the better option is to completely rebuild because the current gas pumps are at their end of life. She added that this is an important space because it is the first impression of our Rez when visitors travel in.

The TGB agreed the site should have some cultural aspects to it and that it should be a revenue generator for the Tribe as it is a prime corner in the county.

LCO News put up a poll on Facebook (and have a small poll in this issue of the digital newsletter) asking the community what they would like to see done. Many suggestions came in with the most popular submission being a laundromat as part of any strip mall or travel plaza concept.

Many suggestions included some sort of fast food, such as Taco Bell, KFC or a Culver’s.

Another popular suggestion was a strip mall with the travel plaza that would include the current occupants (the bank and Koobie’s Coffee) as well as incubator spaces available for lease so tribal members could start their own businesses.

A couple suggestions included a treatment center while another said to prepare for the Tribe’s marijuana dispensary.

The Tribe also owns 25 acres behind the C2 plaza going down Hwy K.

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