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Enrollment Says Too Many Christmas Checks Returned due to Outdated Addresses

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The LCO Citizenship Services Office wants to notify all the tribal membership about keeping up-to-date with their addresses. Director Delores DeNasha said their office has a stack of returned Christmas bonus checks and she would hate to have to void out those checks realizing how important that extra bonus is to so many of our membership.

“The Enrollment Department requires that tribal members keep their addresses updated with them at all times since members 55 and older are sent a monetary gift at Christmas time and a birthday check at the age of 65 and over,” stated DeNasha. “Too many checks are being returned.”

DeNasha explained that Enrollment staff has been reaching out to family members attempting to locate those whose checks have been returned.

“In some cases we have children of tribal members who have grown up and never even knew they were tribal members themselves,” DeNasha noted. She explained there are many reasons why they have so many members who they have outdated addresses for and that it’s important for all members, not just elders, to contact Enrollment at 715-634-8934 and update your current address.

DeNasha said Enrollment is asking the entire community to reach out to their family members and make sure their addresses are current.

“Please help us track them down,” DeNasha said.

You may reach out to Enrollment staff via their cell phones at Delores 715-558-7415, Cindy at 715-558-7459 or Reone at 715-558-7429.


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