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Emergency Management Response to Covid-19

By Matthew Riedell

LCO Emergency Management Coordinator

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, LCO Emergency Management has continued to provide essential supplies for departments and enterprises within the reservation and their efforts on the front lines of this pandemic, including clinic, healthcare workers, Tribal law enforcement and first responders, government agencies, food distribution and our essential enterprises. We continue to provide coordination and the necessary supplies they rely on each day so they can continue to serve our communities.

The health and safety of Tribal employees and our community continues to be our top priority. To date LCO Emergency Management has requisitioned or procured through government stockpiles, private vendors, and donations needed for these entities. Emergency management continues to work with the private, non-profit, local, county, state, federal, and tribal partners to plan for safe operations and continued community support. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is still being distributed by Wisconsin and Federal stockpiles and distribution points to the Tribe. The department will continue this coordination and support to maximize our resources.

Remarkably but not unexpected, it is the donations and volunteerism of the community members have made a tremendous positive impact in keeping the reservation safe and its members provided with essential supplies. Donations of food for distribution, masks for neighbors and essential employees, sanitizer, face shields, beds and supplies for front line workers and citizens are just a few examples of the goodwill and generosity. Thank you to all those providing donations, volunteering their time, and those working the front lines are heroes to this resilient community.

Don’t forget that we are in the peak of severe weather season. Be prepared by building a kit, making a plan, and staying informed. Visit for preparedness tips and resources.

We remain committed to supporting our partners who are working to keep our citizens and our communities safe and healthy at this time.


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