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Elders Present Several Scholarships

By Joe Morey

News Editor

The LCO Elder’s Association awarded several $500 scholarships to deserving tribal members furthering their educations.

Ellen Martin, Chairperson of the Association said the awards were given to Joseph DeNasha, Carly Quaderer, James White Jr and Maria Acosta.

“In selecting the recipients of the scholarships, we go by their employment history, attendance, grades and an essay that each of them writes,” Martin said.

Martin said when you support the Elders Association by purchasing a meal or other fundraisers, this is what the money goes for.

“We work so hard all year so that we can give away these scholarships,” Martin said. “There are other things we do too, like making donations to families when they are holding fundraisers. You should see those parents faces when we give them a check when they are holding a fundraiser at the tribal office so their kid can go on a field trip. It’s so gratifying.”

Martin said they also donated $500 to the school for kid’s coats.

The LCO Elder’s Association has been operating at LCO for 17 years.

“Without our members, these scholarships wouldn’t be possible,” Martin said. “It’s a lot of work but we keep on going.”


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