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Elder's Report for June

May/June LCO Aging & Disability Services News 2020

Boozhoo! I truly hope all of you who are taking the time to read my news updates are staying safe and keeping updated to our community news as well as State and Federal news updates regarding the current Safer at Home order. I apologize in advance regarding the lack of news of our staff and center, things have significantly changed throughout this time since the COVID-19 pandemic started, and I want to commend our staff with how they have adjusted their schedules to meet the demands of our clients, services, and programs intended for the overall benefit of our Older adults and persons with disabilities, with all that being said here are some important updates:

Nutrition: Most of you are aware that we have adjusted our work schedules to accommodate both staff and clients during these stressful times, whether keeping up with social distancing and physical interactions; our Kitchen staff, Nutrition Manager, and volunteer meal delivery workers all have adjusted to the shortened work schedule and still continue to deliver over 500 meals Weekly to our elder & disabled community members. Kitchen staff weekly schedule is Mondays (delivery of weekly meals), Thursdays and Friday are used to prepare and package meals for the following week. Unfortunately due to the current situation we are not allowing Congregate (Dine-in) meals, this issue has been brought up numerous occasions with our staff but currently we cannot and will not be allowing, this will be an evolving situation and could potentially change towards the end of the year. If you or someone you know is interested please contact Alberta Stone, LCO Nutrition Manager at 715 865-3379 and/or regarding HDM (Home Delivered Meals).

Aging & Disability Services: We have continued to provide services during the safer at home order and continue to do so on a half day schedule Monday through Friday 8am – 430pm, between myself and Doreen Wolfe, LCO Elder & Disabled Program Assistant. I apologize in advance if you are not able to talk with one of us at the time of your call but encourage you to leave a voicemail and we will return your call as soon as possible. We can be reached at the following phone numbers and emails:

Terrance Manuelito 715 957-0077/0076

and Doreen Wolfe, 715 957-0027,

a. Lawn Care Services have commenced as of Memorial Day weekend, Eddy Boy Martin has been contracted to provide lawn care services for over 50 lawns within the LCO Community, in order to accommodate the needs and to stay within our budget, he will be providing services every other week. As in previous years he does ask that you please pick up any debris, garbage, rocks, personal items that limit his ability to properly mow the yard.

b. Farmers Market vouchers are now being issued to clients requesting the application from the Sawyer County Senior Resource Center, 715 634-3000, they will mail you the application if you are eligible and then return and they will issue you the vouchers, please contact the number in this announcement for more information.

Transportation Services: Back in March we were informed from Bryan Sullivan that he would be leaving his position as the Elder Transportation Driver, thankfully on a limited basis, Gerry Fleming, one of our meal delivery driver’s has been able to provide weekly transports, with advanced notice. If you are looking for transportation, we ask that you contact myself or Doreen to coordinate your transportation needs. The position is currently vacant and is posted through our Tribal website and HR department, if you or someone you know is interested please fill out an application, it is Part-time with hours ranging from 20-30 hours a week with also overnight trips to other parts of the State depending on Elder Trips and outings we coordinate.

Tribal Aging & Disability Resource Specialist (TADRS): Currently vacant, please help spread the word that this position is vital to our tribal community and would benefit our team and clients, anyone who has an educational background in Human Services or Social services would be ideal to this position, but that is not limited to only that aspect, please apply if interested.

GLNAEA (Great Lakes Native American Elders Association): They have announced that upcoming GLNAEA meetings have been rescheduled for future dates (June Meeting in St. Croix is rescheduled for March 2021, and September Meeting in Forest County Potawatomi is rescheduled for June of 2021. I know these meetings are very well attended and a lot of tribal elders look forward to going but we continue to adhere to the safety and well-being of our Elders.

GLITC (Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council): GLITC staff are in the process of providing Care/Gift bags for our HDM clients and will be coordinating their efforts with LCO and other tribal aging/nutrition sites to provide needed relief items, you will be receiving your care/gift bag along with your weekly meals soon.

In the meantime, clients looking for assistance regarding Medicare, Medicaid, etc., are encouraged to reach out to our GLITC EBS (Elder Benefits Specialists) Lisa Ludwig, 715 661-4067 or 715 588-1078. As well as GLITC DBS (Disability Benefits Specialist) Rachel Coughtry, 715 892-7909.

Last but not least, I would like to take this time to congratulate our LCO High School and Hayward High School Class of 2020, we have been fortunate to hire two temporary kitchen staff during this pandemic who were a part of the 2020 graduating class, Adelyn Stone and Alyssa Spreckels, Congratulations young lady’s and good luck to your future endeavors. Also, to those who have known me during my time here at the LCO Elder Services Center, I too have graduated with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services Leadership from UW Oshkosh, I very much appreciate all your support. One last thing, I would also like to take this time to thank our staff here who have continued to provide “essential” services to our community during these trying times: Doreen Wolfe, Alberta Stone, Carole Bartold, Jordon Dauphinais, Angelo Perry, Adelyn Stone, Alyssa Spreckels, Gerry Fleming, Laramie Jockey, Robert Trepania, and Bernard Dauphinais. We could not continue doing what we do without your dedication and efforts, Chi Miigwech. Also, to all the other LCO tribal entities and partnering agencies, Thank you!

Miigwech for taking the time in reading the latest updates!


Terrance Manuelito

Tribal Aging Director

Tribal Veteran Service Officer

715 957-0077


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